Eurobot 2004

Pierre Sermanet, Philippe Rambert, Jean-Baptiste Mouret and the rest of the Evolutek team

Eurobot international robotics contest


Rules: rugby match on a tropical island

Click here to download the video explaining the rules.

The Robot: main components


Movements: a reactive robot

This robot does not assume it is working on the Eurobot’s board, and therefore can evolve in an unknown environment. The best trajectory is calculated in real time according to:

braitenberg robot_final_behavior

3D Simulator: testing in good conditions

A 3D simulator has been developped in C++ and OpenGL in order to check the theorical robot’s behaviors. This simulator allows us to develop the robot’s AI software when the real robot is not functionnal.

Image processing: balls and trees

Thanks to the video camera, the robot is able to locate red balls and to subsequently head on towards the nearest red ball (blue areas are also detected in order to avoid them). This robot can also avoid green trees according to their distance and direction. The camera settings program has been developped in C++ and allows the user to check image processing results.

video_cam2 video_cam

Robot behavior demonstrations

robot_hangs_out robot_hangs_out2 robot_wants_to_eat_red_balls robot_wants_to_eat_red_balls2